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20th Anniversary of the [d.o.] Protest at Syracuse University

A look back at the 1999 Syracuse University student protest of the [d.o.] newspaper

It’s been 20 years since the April 19, 1999 [d.o.] protest at Syracuse Univ.

Twenty years since two Black college sophomores (Ja Nét Del Valle and Nicki Mayo) said enough with the crappy cultural coverage, it’s time to protest the racist and tone-deaf images and stories in the student-run publication.

Twenty years of fighting for media diversity and holding news orgs accountable.

What can I say… I’m consistent. And I STILL live this way today.


#BeenWokeAnd LitForABit




A look back at the 1999 Syracuse University student protest of the [d.o.] newspaper

Friday April 16, 1999

A political cartoon depicting Student Government Association (SGA) President Michaeljulius Idani as a sambo appeared in the Daily Orange [d.o] newspaper. This caricature of Idani (a young Black man) was the latest in a pattern of offensive coverage from the student-run newspaper dubbed by students of color as “The Daily Oppressor.”

Sunday April 18, 1999

The Annual Syracuse University Multicultural Weekend began Sunday April 18. The three day event brought about 140 prospective high school students of color to the Syracuse University campus to experience college life through cultural programming and attending classes and activities with students.

Monday April 19, 1999

The Student African-American Society and The Black Voice leaders Ja Nét Del Valle and Nicki Mayo organized and lead more than 200 students and prospective students (from Multicultural Weekend) across the campus to the [d.o] headquarters in a house on nearby Ostrom Ave.

Protestors marched twice to the location chanting, “No sambo! No D.O. ”

Del Valle and Mayo along with about five additional Black and Latinx sophomore leaders demanded and held a two hour negotiation meeting with [d.o.] editors to voice concerns about recent racist images and coverage in the publication. The young leaders called for cultural sensitivity training and increased newsroom diversity to reflect the student body.


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