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Thank you everyone that came out to celebrate and bid farewell to The Philadelphia Tribune Magazine Editor Shonda McClain and me at the Pen & Pencil Club August 16, 2018. You all really filled me with the “Philly LOVE” we always hear about.

2018 Farewell Philly!

It’s no secret that this past year has been a nightmare filled with more pain than I’ve ever experienced in a 365-day period. Tears flowed. Energy dropped. Health depreciated. Depression set in. Dark moments came VERY often. Closing out this chapter on a bright positive note was a treat.

I will always be grateful to my PhillyTrib Digital Team that gave me a chance to lead them.

We showed up and showed OUT with our digital presence. (Check out our “PhillyTrib Digital Portfolio (2017 – 2018)http://www.nickimayonews.com/reels-portfolios/ )

Our PhillyTrib Digital Team made great strides for the Black Press. We covered everything from local politics and #BlackLivesMatter to the arts. We gave a voice to Black millennials in a way that few legacy news orgs have done.

It was always my intention that the PhillyTrib model could’ve served as a blueprint for  Black Press organizations struggling with digital strategies nationwide.

Hey, I tried.

#RealTalk I hope the leadership of historically Black institutions learn soon that doing things “the way we’ve always done them” will not move us forward. Press on! #JournoLife